Yeah I almost fell for this scam. They are very smooth and don't take no for an answer.

Fortunately for me when I was going to get my credit card the conversation was cut off, so they didn't get the info they needed.

Every time I asked about their billing process they wouldn't tell me insisting that they first need to know which credit card I would use and the expiration date.

I had a gut feeling something wasn't right. No one should be tricked into a commitment like that. They just want that card number.

Product or Service Mentioned: National Magazine Exchange Subscription.

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Here are the rules, and they are definitely in your favour, and by all means this is a surefire way to make NME go away finally. Spread the word because this is all you have to do and this is what THEY, by LAW, have to do.

There is no purchase or payment required to enter or win any of the sweepastkes they offer,

Once your sweepstakes entry number is entered, you are in the system and you could be the next winner, the next drawing is to be on or about 03 of 2012. Once you're number is entered you can simply say 'thank you' and hang up,

There is no charge for the call,

You can call again and ask for what's called a manual entry, SSAs MUST honour your request and manually enter your name, address, and city & state and zip code info. Once that's in you can simply and politely say thank you and just hang up. You can do this as often as you like in order to increase your odds at winning the sweepstakes and doing this repeatedly will definitely keep SSAs busy with manual entries and you don't have to give them any chance at pitching you anything or getting any further info out of you,

They must notify you by phone or mail if you are the selected winner so be sure and let them confirm your home telephone number,

If you are the selected winner they must fly you first-class to Clearwater Florida and present you your winning check in a special awards ceremony, so good luck to you,

That's it. The rules are in your favour and you don't have to listen to a thing that they have to say beyond the scope of the sweepstakes and you are never obligated to buy anything or even discuss anything further with them. You're in, you're entered into the weepstakes and they MUST pay you the winnings if you are the selected grand prize winner.

Keep their SSAs busy with manual entries as well as with initial entries via the ID number on the card they mail you, you are entitled to do so, and they are required by law to cater to your requests! Soon enough the company wil fold and buckle under the very policies they have put in place for its customers and we have one less crooked telemarketing scam to worry about, or NME will finally get the message and if they want bad enough to stay in business they'll treat their customers with respect and not try at all anymore to scam every customer, and their sales will come naturally thru the means of satisfied customers who could then trust NME. As it is now NME cannot by any means be trusted and their current policies of scamming customers with their fast and smoot *** games must be put to an abrupt end, and this is the way us customers are able to do it, if we unite and work dilligently together on this plan.


WOW, I can't believe they're still sending out stuff...EVERYONE should ALWAYS check online if you're not sure about something! THANK YOU EVERYONE for posting!!!

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