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I tried to cancel my order due to my financial situation with my daughters dad and told them I couldnt do the payments and I had to cancel my order because I was screwed over my daughters dad with money and they told me they couldnt cancle because they had already paid their companies. I used to work for a telemarketing company and I know *** well that you can cancel the orders because we have done it so I know it could have been done.

Please get this taken care of me in the future and for other consumers.


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Moranbah, Queensland, Australia #937261

I am going through the same thing cannot get a response from them how do I go about them to stop taking it out of my account


To Whom It May Concern, I,Adriana Cerda, would like to cancelmy subsription to your magazine services,not that i'm dissatisfied but i just can't afford it right now.I tried to fit it into my budget, but it just not working out.Thank You,Kindly.If any qiestions you can e-mail me



A friend told me about this national magazine exchange which prompted me to check them out I checked out reports on it. After reading the last comment made on this post I have to advise that it doesn't sound like the companies doing anything illegal. However since you are purchasing a magazine subscription which means technically your paying for something that will come in the future or will continue futuristically you have a right to cancel at any time and maybe not receive a full refund however its more likely prorated, there are different state laws concerning this of course. I do know one thing though any legit company when cancelling a future subscription, or any product that you have not received for that matter if you have already paid for that future subscription and not received it, all you have to do is allow them to pull that account up and verify for legal purposes that account is yours, I.E. let them ask you any necessary questions needed to verify this account is yours, then just hang up and don’t answer if they call back. By law you stated your reason for calling they verified it was you and if it’s a future purchase they are required to give you a full or prorated refund for what ever the purchase may be that you haven’t actually received yet. You can cancel any monthly service plan (without a contract) any time and receive a partial refund. Now not to be misunderstood if you purchase something from Walmart for example in which case you receive that product and there is no further billing on that product, I.E. a hair dryer then they have a right to refuse a refund after a period of time. The same goes with for example QVC or home shopping network. In the case of a trial period or a subscription of any kind cable tv, cell phone (again unless a contract is involved) you are able to cancel at anytime with a prorated refund and in some cases a full refund. Now companies will try and keep you as a customer which is normal since they are in the business of making money, but again as long as they are able to verify your account with you by phone all you have to do is hang up after that verification. Now most companies will try and call you back but they are limited by their state to state and/or FCC regulations as to how many times they can call you back. It’s typically 2 or 3 times, so just don’t answer your phone. My best advise is if you sign up for any trial periods or purchase any future service again (without a WRITTEN contract) Just allow them to verify any account they have with you and then JUST HANG UP. Now again that’s any company weather it be any type of sweepstakes or any on-going future product that you have not received yet all legitimate companies are required to cancel your account out if you just hang up after verifying any account you have with them. :) hope I helped!


I call national magazine exchange today. and told them to cancel.they give a conform number,and said that its was cancel.and they send me a letter saying it was paid in full.and won't be takeing any more money.i hope.just have to wait an see.but still upset cause they took money out of my bank account and i didn't get any magazines


i just need to change my subscription from town and country to some other magazine and have lost the phone number. please e-mail me or call me at (423)775-8493


:( :cry When you make me mad enough to cry you have really made me mad. And that's what these people have done!


Best thing is to file a dispute with your credit card if they try to charge you. This will stop them from charging your card automatically. You control your credit card payments not them.


I would also like to cancel some subscriptions but i tried already and they said that they couldn't and i also e-mail them and i had no response!!! :(

Mawson Lakes, South Australia, Australia #24235

They sucked me in as well! :( I wont to cancel but I just don't wont to deal with them

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