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About a year ago, I made a purchase for a magazine subscription through NME. They sent me all the wrong magazines. I am a white, female vegetarian who ended up with a subscription to BASS Fishing, Latino,Vibe and a couple other magazines I didn't order or recognize. Although, I did enjoy the Latino fashion and music reviews in Vibe; I didn't order them.

After many phone calls to NME, the admitted the order I placed had to have substitutions made. I requested they cancel my order over several months and phone calls; they finally cancelled my order and provided a pro-rated refund.

I became involved with NME again recently when attempting to enter publishers clearinghouse giveaway. The salesman on the phone talked so fast about selling so many things, asking if I would like free watches and that he could give me other free things. I couldn't keep up.

When he finally took a breath; I asked him, "Could you please mail me all of this in writing, it's too confusing to sort out what you are offering over the phone?" Finally, he agreed to mail the information; but with one stipulation, He said, "We need to confirm the expiration date on your credit card to make sure you have one. I express my concern and confusion.

But I was tired of the verbal banter so....

I confirmed with him, "I will give you the expiration date, but I will not buy anything until I review it in writing.

Well, as it turned out he had my card on file (from my prior purchase). He used my credit card to sign me up for subscriptions to many magazines. I received the information in the mail. It was simply a confirmation telling me my magazine purchase was complete and I only needed to choose my free gift(s), sign the entry form and mail it back.

I called them and requested an explanation. Basically, they lied and said that I gave them my credit card number over the phone and authorized the purchase. I remembered the call was recorded as told to me by the Salesman at the beginning of his call.

After much negotiation, I spoke to a supervisor who was,at best, sarcastic to me. He accused me of lying and asked, "So are you saying someone else called us and placed this order". To which I replied,

"No, I'm saying I never gave out my Credit card info on that call and insisted that I would not buy anything until I reviewed the info that was coming in the mail.

I asked him if he would please listen to the tape of the call. But the calls are "only for training purposes" he replied.

I don't know how to remove my credit card information back from them. They are a big ***!

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