national magazine exchange wrote me and told me I was a protential winner in a magazine sweepstake and to call and confirm when I did they tried to get me to order magazines for 1.29 a week and that I had won 2 watches when I told him I didn't want any magazines he transfered me to his supervisior

again I repeated myself I didn't want any magazines then he hung up in my face when I called back to make sure they didn't send me any magazines they hung up again I then called back and ask for the vp address to say the least these are rude and very unprofessional people

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I ordered from them after i heard there pitch. I will be very angry if this is a scam.


I have delt personally with Patrick Dall. I think he is a good man! I do not think he would intentionally scam anyone.


they pray on senior citizens. my supervisor told me to be more aggresive.

they are a scam.

patrick dall and his brother mike dall who is a trainer. shannon mitchell, doris protano, susan, alfio, diane


its a scam. beware


Who the h&*%$ is DUH.I hope I never run in to him.They say what goes around comes around.I hope when he reaches an elderly age someone scams him out of all his money.It's people like him and NME that are taking unfair advantage of our elderly.


i got the same thing, when i told the lady i did not want the mags she sent me to her super, i repeated myself once again and asked to be taken off the mailing list, well about a month later i got a letter from a collection agency stated i owe them $140.00. so i spent 3 days trying to contact a superviser and i finally did, anyway i asked how i owe them money when i did NOT receive any magazines and the *** goes on to say i "did not receive them because i did not pay for them" and i said that is my point so then he proceeds to say " you cant go to a supermarket and take things without paying for them" this guy was so dumb that nothing he said made sense.....i for the life of me cant figure how i owe for merchandise not received..... :(


You called them, you chose to listen to the pitch, you can also hang up. If you are so *** to call a number on a piece of junk mail you got in your snail mail then you deserve it.

The Buyer beware! I make excellent money off of idiots llike you all legitimate and with in the law.

LOL Keep calling and posting! Makes me even more eager to seperate you types from your money.


I called thinking that this organization was associated with Publishers Clearing House. I didn't realize that they were magazine sales people.

I got the same song and dance about two free watches and $1.29 for subscriptions. Finally, I set the phone down to let them talk without anyone listening.


I agree with that and then when I wanted to change my selection they would not allow it.

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