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The person most directly responsible for scamming you out of your money is the operations manager,Here is is home address: Patrick Dall 1900 n seton dr clearwater florida 33763 Maybe you should send him some junk mail and see how he likes it!This guy works every day to make it easier for you to get scammed by allowing the reps under him to use sneaky tacktics like slurring the billing price etc. He also forces his employees to get their conversion higher or he will fire them.

And he sexually harrasses male and female employees.

I had to go though all kinds of hoops to get his home address so if you have been scammed by this company send him a letter and tell him how you feel.Maybe he will get a conscience and stop it. Their magazine package is the worst deal so they need to *** people to sell it.

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what rip off/ cant believe that in the hard times/some one is out there trying to f..../people/should go to jail/letting the local paper the situation.


ROFL you have all the wrong info. I hope the person who's info you posted out here goes after you with a vengance.

You ignorant fool. If u r so *** to even call in on these things you deserve what u get. I'd rather be employed....someone is going to take your money it might as well be me. And first off you are legitimately agreeing to everything in the offer when you call in and go through the process!!

Legally iron clad.

No one put a gun to your head and forced you to call in, listen to the pitches and give out your card number. :p


:? So you're saying that our man of the hour has indeed sexually harrassed his employees? While I believe you it comes as quite a shock that one of the very things Dall doesn't sit still at all for is hearing that any of his employees or applicants have any kind of sexual past or even had been falsely accused of a sexual transgression, instead he will fire the employee immediately upon hearing that he or she had any kind of doings with sex at all in their private lives.

Dall does this by searching dilligently into the manifestos of employees' personal effects and records, and he will exploit every opportunity he can to axe any employee of whom he might consider to be in transgression of anything he thinks is immoral or of a sexual nature, that otherwise should be considered as being private and personal business of the employee or applicant.

Talk about an oxymoron in terms of thinking, it just goes to show that Patrick Dall, operations manager at a company called Think Direct, is unable to think directly for his own sake. If what you are saying is true, and Dall is indeed committing to on-the-job sexual offenses, he not only needs to go immediately, but he would also need to be locked up for a long time.

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