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I recieved the sweepstakes letter and was not given a choice on any magazines or just entering sweepstakes.I do and did not want the magazines or other items.I have contacted them by email and phone at least three times to cancel my orders. I will tell my bank to not acceptpayment from them.I am pissed because I it is causing me alot of time and money with a simple matter of canceling a simple order.

My address is Walter Livingston

919 south clinton avenue #339

Rochester, New York 14620


My email is

thank you.

Walter Livingston

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Denver, Colorado, United States #727615

*** ***, they billed me 60 dollars for a magazine subscription that I didn't want. Some guy name Mark Rodriguez (probably fake)wouldn't cancel the subscription or remove my info out of their system, and he acted like a *** ***. The number that called me was 612 355 3910 and 612 355 3921..I checked my bank accnt and it showed a bill for 60 bucks from national magazine..WTF


There's a sucker born every minute and Publishers Clearing house and all the rest operate the exact same way. There is NO FREE LUNCH my dear people.

How the ehll do you think these places get the money for the 1.1 million dollars they give away? Pull it out of their butts?


I just received my sweepstakes notice.And decided to ck and see if I could find any info on this co.I thought at first they were affiliated with Publishers.If I hadn't had a slimier experience with a tella marketer telling me I had won 800,000.00 I would not have given it a thought and called them to find out the info.So glad I cked.I think your best bet is to inform your bank.They will handle it so you won't get the charge.It will then be up to them to contact you for payment.Make sure that you make copies of all exchanges with them.I also would not stop there.Inform your better bussiness b.And contact your st.rep.This co. should be brought to the attention of the notice is going in the trash,after reading all the bad things it has done.

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