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Lolol it’s not a scam. It’s mandatory for them to ask you if you want magazines so all you have to say is no even if they do keep asking you because guess what THAT’S THEIR JOB.

The only moron is you because YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S TAKING TIME TO CALL TO BE PUT IN BASICALLY A LOTTERY so yeah for instance if you go to the gas station and purchase a lottery ticket and don’t win are you gonna throw a fit because you didn’t win? They HAVE to go through the process because that’s what they’re getting paid for that’s how they make their money. You think they want to ask you about buying magazines? ITS CALLED THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE EXCHANGE.

I can assure you that they want to get off the phone with you as much as you do. It’s a one in a million chance just like the lottery. So don’t go taking it out on them for doing their job.

Yes it’s very annoying but all you have to say is no like a million times and then you are entered even if you hang up you’re entered even if you yell at them and think they’re not going to enter you in because you wanted to get smart with them guess what you’re entered. It’s mandatory.

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