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I got the same thing in my mail stating that I could win $520 million from the National Magazine Exchange. Then the guy asked me which credit card to I use?

Then I hung up. Scam! I have had previous experiences before with other scams so one could say that I am "well seasoned" with all this. I am a senior and it seems like the targeted group for these scam artists are us seniors, but I am too wise for that.

These people think I was born yesterday? I once had a call that I had won a $100 Wal Mart gift card and then they said there would be a small charge for shipping and handling and they needed my credit card #. Well you know what can happen after that-they can *** into my bank account and then I'm really screwed!

It's usually done from call centers half way around the world. I can tell by the peoples' accents!

Product or Service Mentioned: National Magazine Exchange Sweepstakes.

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