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I subscribed to the service,of my own volition. However my magazine subscriptions have run over two years ago.

Ever since that time I have been receiving bi-monthly notifications, in the mail, for prize winning drawings. All of these notices include a 1-800 phone number to call, with a matching prize ID number, to call in, for the prize. I, personally, have received at least 5 notices for drawings. Unfortunately, I have no idea, whether or not there have ever been drawings, for these supposed prizes.

I would like to know if this company is legitimately holding drawings, for any supposed winnings. Yours Truly, John Curtis

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don't call john curtis. there are no drawings.

well you may call. You will be added to a sales list for future annoyances. But do not give financial information. I am saving you the 465.00 they would charge you for 4 year subscriptions if you gave your credit/debit card number.

You can call, I have the script they will feed you. It is fun if call and give them bogus info with the entry number you received. Then ask a bunch or ridiculous questions like "Can I have my million dollars in all 1 dollar bills so I can swim in it?" The first person you talk to you can agree to buy magazines (you actually get them paid).

It is the second person you get transferred to that takes your credit card info and charges something you did not agree to, and there is NO WAY TO REVERSE THE CHARGE. So be careful what you personal and financial info you give.

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