An NME telemarketer contacted me and I agreed to pay $34 for 6 magazine subscriptions and a free diamond watch.I received a bill in the mail for $126 and a notification that 6 more magazines would be selected for me.

I refused to acknowledge that bill, and still have not received and magazines or free diamond watch and yet Tate And Kirlin associates, a collection firm, demands $211 of me.

I have to wonder how legitamate operiodicals feel about this company using their goods in vein to scam people?I think it's about time we start asking them, because if this shifty business has been doing this for twenty-five years, it stands to reason that some of the businesses getting a bad reputation from them might just have the clout to shut them down.

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Looking at these remarks about these events that have happen just after i made a deal with a mag company for a diamond watch and 11.49 a month for 4 months is making me feel like i should cancel my card and get a new one ... :sigh


I am right now going through the same thing!They want 144 dollars from me without sending one magazine.

Im pretty sure it is illegal to demand money without giving any product. I called to canel and what a surprise ... no one answers or calls back! The associate from the lawyers office I contacted suggested I try to get a cancellation number and then call her back.

I asked if this was a legal thing and she said she could not answer that question.Which makes me believe there's something wrong with this!


It will most definitely hurt your credit rating if you "refuse to acknowledge" a fraudulent claim. If it's already gone to a collection agency, your credit has likely taken a hit. Fight it now, or it will come back to haunt you.

Joann works for NME sweepstakes, or she's illiterate.


@Sarah, thats not entirely true.How often do you see something petty that you have not paid on your credit report?

I havent. And there are plenty of things that I have been billed for that was not part of my original contract. They would have to file with the courts and it would only be small claims and they hardly ever take it that far or waste their time, especially for only $200.

@Joann, I am guessing you are a collections agent. Did you miss the part where he said HE DIDNT GET WHAT HE PAID FOR?

At that point the contract is VOID.Have you ever heard of contracts?


You can't "refuse to acknowledge" a bill and expect it to go away or send regards of your resentment to the company.It doesn't work that way, and if you thought it did, you're in for a painful life.

Always call to contest, never ignore something that says you owe money.It will ruin your credit!!!


First they don't call you you call them second if you didn't want the mags why did you give them your cc number it's 100% your fault your being billed because you ordered them so shut up and pay for what you ordered

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