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I got the sweepstakes letter to win $1.1 mil. just call the 1800 number and NO PURCHASE nessessary to enter.

So I call and wasted 10 minutes explaining to these morons that I DO NOT want any magazines I just want to enter in the sweepstakes. The woman kept giving me names of magazines and saying "pick 2" then I said " NO I do not want any magazines I just want to enter for the prize" then I was told " we have allure ,teen vogue, cosmo, good house keeping, rolling stones, pick 2" I got so pissed that I said forget it I dont want ANYTHING and hung up!

What a waste of time! They will NOT enroll you for the sweepstakes unless you buy a magazine and that is fraud to me when their letter says you dont have to buy anything!!!!

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It was not a pushy person, it was an automation and you could not tell.


Scam, end of message.


been thru it will never get caught as retired and live on fixed income. but can simply say this lady got just as upset as i did but i'm not as polite.


The same thing happened to me. I did sign up for magazines, but sent letter to cancel as soon as I was finished. I read on the back (in very tiny print) that deadline to enter is by July 2020.


Its a big scam


If this is a scam, why are they still sending these contests out. It is obvious that you won't get anything other than ordering magazines. Has anyone ever won anything?


If u just stayed on and kept saying none a few times they would enter u then hang up. Patience is a vertue

to Ray #1542400

How do you know that you would be entered? How are you so sure?


Pushy, dishonest company! Sends crap you don’t want, false charges, and will not cancel. Promises a gift card but never received one.


LMAO... I worked for them.. it's just a pitch sale lol but they do enter you in


My husband called and went through the prompts and they asked him about magazines 4 times he replied I don't read magazines. So the guy said I'll give you a 25 dollar gift card pick 3 so he did and they transfer the call to a supervisor and they asked for a credit card and i took the phone.

I said why do you need my credit card? She replied to purchase your magazines i said but it says no purchase nessicary and he doesn't want any magazines. She then said but he selected them what the experation date. I then replied no mam i am not giving you any information.

She said i understand i am a card holder as well what is your expiration date. I said no the paper says no purchase nessicary and he said he doesnt want them its a recorded line then listen to the call he doesnt want them this really seems like a scam and no further information will be given and she said your sweepstakes is finalized look us up we are a legitimate business and good bye and hung up


This is a scam for the same reasons.


I received a letter from them too.And I looked for this company and this company is not accredited by BBB.


Do not give them anything or information to them it is a scam and needs to be reported to the FBI at 614-224-1183


Is this place a scam or is it lijit they send me a letter in the mail to call them to put in my entry before i put in my entry to told me i had to buy magazines before they do that entry im doing the entry online to win money to get all my debts pay off like bad people putting bills in my names not bills i put in so shame


SCAM!!! DO NOT give them any of your personal info!


I received this exact same letter today, and it clearly states at the bottom of the letter that "No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win and a purchase will not improve your chances of winning....."So yeah - sounds like a scam to me, according to what the above poster stated.


Well first of all it’s not a scam. You’re told that there isn’t any purchase or payment required to enter the sweepstakes.

All you have to say is no even if they do ask you about the magazines. It’s mandatory to enter you in the sweepstakes whether you agree to the magazines or not.

They’re doing their damn job. And if you feel like it’s a scam THEN WHY THE *** WOULD YOU CALL THEM?

to Anonymous #1479994

I got the letter and never registered for drawing, a big red flag. It's a scam to sell you magazines, wrapped in a lump sum cash payout letter. Very poor marketing and should be illegal!

to Anonymous #1506926

They got you, didn’t they?

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