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I got the sweepstakes letter to win $1.1 mil.just call the 1800 number and NO PURCHASE nessessary to enter.

So I call and wasted 10 minutes explaining to these morons that I DO NOT want any magazines I just want to enter in the sweepstakes. The woman kept giving me names of magazines and saying "pick 2" then I said " NO I do not want any magazines I just want to enter for the prize" then I was told " we have allure ,teen vogue, cosmo, good house keeping, rolling stones, pick 2" I got so pissed that I said forget it I dont want ANYTHING and hung up!

What a waste of time!They will NOT enroll you for the sweepstakes unless you buy a magazine and that is fraud to me when their letter says you dont have to buy anything!!!!

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #1313253

Same stuff all a scam don't call the number . I will believe it when they knock on my door with the cash in hand. What is this world coming to

Mankato, Minnesota, United States #1311317

So they did I the same thing to me to pick 2, then,2 more.I did not.

And they said you must pay before you get the magazine order before you get the magazine so now I said they won't get my money this is a fraud but nor going to buy them.They can give me them for free.


I don't know if there really is even a cash prize as this is a company that is in the business of selling magazines.Don't confuse them with your state's lottery!

If you google search on National Magazine exchange scam ( or replace the word with reviews or complaints) there is so much negative information (including govt.action taken against them for fraud), you'd be a fool not to hang up as soon as they call.

Dunn, North Carolina, United States #1293765

Before even calling, look for the "odds of winning".Not finding one, which is required at both the beginning and end of the "sweepstakes", which are classified as a lottery, then you should accept the fact that what you have encountered is a SCAM.

If you receive a call, and ANY pressure to respond is applied, then you know you have encountered a SCAM.

Another fact to look for is and "end of sweepstakes".

If you receive a call and have no interest, simply lay the phone aside and let the *** who calls just ramble on and on.

Better yet, acquire a whistle similar to the one the police use and begin bl0wing into the microphone end of the phone.

That will normally end such calls.If one of these IDIOTS calls back and says they are going to report you to the phone company or the government, LAUGH into the phone and inform the *** that you did not call them, they called you and you only blow the whistle into YOUR phone.

The Villages, Florida, United States #1282934

I worked for this company, I was the supervisor that you were transferred to.This company is a scam.

They do prey on widows, and older unsuspecting victims.

I had to quit, because I felt like Karma was eventually going to come back around.I am looking to exploit this company.

Mcalester, Oklahoma, United States #1257024

Same thing happened to my Grandpa

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1239742

Excuse my language but that's *** how they came at me thinking imma give them my card info and everything.I kept telling them I don't Want any magazines and they keep pushing me and pushing me.

They don't know who they messing with and I ain't the one to push around.What they are doing should be illegal

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #1222310

Yes, and the worst is that they prey mostly on unsuspecting seniors who are used to an honorable world where people never (or very seldom) tried to *** anyone.Those who did were very few and then everyone knew because it was so unusual.

The scam was spread far and wide by word of mouth as there was no social media at the time. It's just horrendous.

So very sad.I pray or all who are victims as well as all who are employed by such fraudulent companies/organizations.

Dothan, Alabama, United States #1221538

By law we do enter every customer that calls. If we do not we get fired!! FYI

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