Don't understand what the total cost will be. A smooth talking person talked after calling about Sweepstakes.

Should have known there was a catch. 75 years old; husband more than irate; do not send watches; do not send magazines; do not charge my credit card again; do not send electronic organizer. The $22.37 charged to my MasterCard will cover any cost that you incurred. I request that you delete my account as of this day.

I was told something about a cost of $280+; 4 years?? could not live to possibly see.


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:zzz LMAO @ "IQ slightly lower than a pigeon". Magazines are great.

They don't have the obligation of a book and are relaxing. What's the problem?


you "closer" need to be punched in the face!!!..don't ever tell someone they need to jump off a cliff because their useless...if you are trying to defend your company,DON'T..you are wasting your breath!


So, after reading the reviews on this site, I've found myself laughing. If you've been "scammed" by NME, your IQ may be slightly lower than that of a pigeon.

I'm a closer for NME, and not only do we read the billing information AT LEAST 2 times (not including questions), but the ONLY way to continue is to hear the word "Yes" come from a customer's mouth. The problem with most people, apparently, is understanding the definition of a rate. $1.29 a week. $67.08 a year, it's not hard people.

And to whoever is concerned about receiving magazines and gifts they didn't pay for...do you really think ANY business would send you something without receiving payment? About a minute into the phone call, you literally hear "There is never any purchase or payment required to enter or win any of the sweepstakes we offer." This is also written on the letter. Also, after your phone number is confirmed, you're told your SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY HAS BEEN COMPLETE AND REGISTERED.

Now, the real question is, why would you pick magazines if you don't want to buy them? By the way, if you're at all interested in magazines, and you can't afford (a very clearly stated) 3 consecutive monthly payments of $22.36 each for 2 diamond watches, an electronic organizer and ELEVEN magazines for a year of service (that by the way doesn't automatically renew) then you need to jump off of a cliff because you're useless.

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