3 years ago a member of the family got caught on phone call to order magazines at 49.95 a month for 12 mos. She called and cancelled the order within 5 days which is within the 30 day period.

So we heard nothing from anybody but her name was sold to other magazine companies and they started sending her the magazines. She called numerousmagazine companies and told them to STOP sending the magazines.

In Oct we got a letter from a debt collector stating the family member was in breach of the contract in charges over 900.00. They verbally told us she never called and cancelled her subscription. So Readers Clearing house had to pay these magazine companies 600.00 to start the magazines.

They said she paid 5 mos of payments then stopped on the 6th mos and she went into default so they stopped the magazines and it takes 2 years to go thru collection progress. They want 450.00 to resolve the debt. They won't send you any claim validation unless you dispute charges if you do you can not go back and nego less than the bal. They intimidate you with negotiation prior to the dispute.

We verified with the credit card company she did cancel and we show the refund back to the card. WATCH out. Get your documentation to prove up the cancellation. This is bad business and unfair business practices.

They won't get a dime from us as we will be disputing it in writing.

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I just last week received the same letter with the exact problem. You can find others like us making post on http://www.ripoffreport.com/ They are saying it's from 2012. company is readers clearinghouse and the collection people are Capital Billing Services ..



If you get a *Prize notification, it's a *TRAP, DO NOT, call back !!!

Do not Call*** Trash the Letter

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