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is sending multiple magazine subscription invocies from Forbes, Economy, etc to my home address and requesting payments! Total Scam and Fraudesters! I don't know how they got my address! They are waiting for some poor soil to respond to their bogus invoices! Please write formal to FTC below and to fiel compain about National Service Magazine. They have email address of But DO NOT Give any info or credit cards to these SCAMMERS!! I a in the do NOT call list as well but someone needs to take them to COurt in Nevada ASAP.



Review about: National Magazine Exchange Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $100.


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Beware of this scam.Also, if you get a fast talker named Dan, Account Manager, BEWARE.

He was trying to make a "settlement" and was just pulling number out of his a** starting with $1200 to settle the account, I said you have got to be kidding, no F***** way I'm giving you anymore money. Then he came up with $755. I told him he was a fool and I was going to report him. He finally agreed to cancel and I requested a letter stating I have paid in full.

DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE.Buy your magazines off the rack, much cheaper in the long term.


will not take phone calls on hold for 15 min. then hangs up!!!!!! DO NOT WANT THIS MAGAZINE


will not take phone calls on hold for 15 min. then hangs up!!!!!!


I have emailed in the past trying to stop any magazines that you have been sending me.Today I got a phone call saying I owed about $700.00 for magazines.

Were these magazines shipped to me and filled with money or what? Your company calls me and emails me to try there magazines. I told them no, but the magazines came to my house anyway.

I don't owe money for magazines because I did not order them.I would appreciate it if you would look into this and realize your company has been making some mistakes.


Please cancel all of the magazines you have been sending me. No one person can read as many as you send and I am tired of them filling up my mailbox. I will be calling you to verify you have suspend Forbes Entrepreneur, Garden and Guns, ESPN, Weight Watchers,Health, Sunset, More, Prevention, Entertainment and any other that you are sending under your plan I only found one account number to reference.


this field # stream subscription has been cancel.i sent a copy of the envoice in december.and would not like to recieve any more issues.

please *** your mailing list.thanks


they keep sending me magazine from forbes, newsweek, etc. i didn't order these magazines, and am tired of being billed for them stop , i did not order. barbara rolan 8001 pine lane rogers, arkansas 72756


Please report to FTC hotline and their state local attorney general

Someone should go after these scammers with bogus bill.

If only 1-2% people send them a check then they are done


I received a magazine subscription bill for 72.00 dollars (Readers Digest), I have never subscribed to Readers Digest for a subscription, the bill control number is 0911J-125371, please stop sending correspondence to me requesting monie for something I have not subscribed for.


sent invoice for $89.91 for three years of Playboy that can be bought on ebay for $14.50, what bottomfeeders

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