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it was about 3 months back, i remember talking to the NATIONAL MAGAZINE EXCHANGE, i selected some magazines, they told me what a great deal & yes it would have been nice if they kept to their word. after i was unwilling to pay by debit or credit, i was told i would recieve an invoice & that it would be x amount of dollars a month ( i cant recall exactly, but i think for a few months but id be getting magines for like 4 yrs) ..

anyway.. i never received a magazine, not an invoice, not any kind of notice at all.. after a like 6 weeks, i just assumed they just canceled me out .. because i didnt wanta pay by debit right then..

& i pretty much forgot abou it or them.. until today.. i open a piece of mail from a collection agency.. & them listed as the creditor.

REALLY?? i did speak to the collection agency & told them i assumed they cancelled me,, cause i heard NOTHING from them. & no .. i do not intend to pay.

for what? i was told by the collection people that it was a 'verbal' contract.. ok.. & they did not fulfill their part of the 'verbal' contract..

where's my magazines?.. (even ONE would have shown intent).. where's my invoice? NOTHING..

but they turn me over to a collection agency!!! if these people ever call you.

i dont care how cheap the magazines are.. HANG UP!!!!

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While I haven't recieved ALL of the magz. ordered, I have no complaints about customer service.

They have been curtious & helpful when I requested a 1/2 subscription in order to save $$. (I'm still getting full amount of orders. I ordered most mags. for X-MAS.

gifts, have exchanged several times & so far friends & family are quite pleased.

This is my 2nd time with NME. ;)


I work in customer service for this company and I can tell you what most likely happened is we sent you the confirmation letter, which you probably threw out as junk mail, we sent you two past due notices, which you ignored or also threw out as junk, and after ninety days of no payment following the verbal contract you made, it got sent to a collections agency. Nearly every call I get with a story like this, that's what happened.

You never got any magazines because you never paid for them despite placing an order for them. In the future, follow up on things instead of just assuming you're cancelled.


call customer service to find out what happened ... 800-308-6247

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