National Magazine Exchange has been sending me "Maxim" magazine which I did not order. I have contacted them and also Maxim direct.

I was told it would take about 4 Months to stop the delivery. It is now 10 Mo. and I am still receiving this Horrible, discusting magazine. I have been taking them to the recycle bin and now I am refusing them and telling the post office to send them back to the company.

I will not ever order any more magazines from this company. I do not know what else to do to get this magazine delivery to stop.

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I work customer service for this company.

It takes 60-90 days for a magazine to stop once it starts, depending on how far in advance they print and label their magazines for shipping. Anything you receive after that is from the publisher directly and you need to work it out with them.

Sending the magazines back literally does nothing to resolve the issue. If you don't like the magazine then drop it in the trash, its a lot less hassle than taking it to the post office and asking them to mail it back, just so it can be trashed when it gets wherever you send it to.


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contact Maxim directly and ask them to send the magazine to someone else instead

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